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Penis Stretching Devices - Penis Stretchers and All Day Penis Extender Stretcher (ADS)

Penis stretching is less invasive method of penis enlargement then penis weight hanging but can also be effective. We recommend using stretching as a complimentary exercise added to your penis hanging program but you can get results as a stand-alone penis enlargement exercise also. Penis stretching and extending can be used for a few different reasons. You can stretch the penis at high levels of tension as a primary exercise for length gains. You can stretch the penis at lower medium levels of tension after your hanging sessions in order to help concrete or solidify gains from hanging.  Penis stretching can also be done at low levels for long periods of time to prevent turtling / retraction after a high tension stretch or a weight hanging session.

Our Penis Stretching Weights & Products

Zen Hanger offers several products in the penis stretcher and extender department, and we are always researching and developing new products. Our cotton noose with bead locks is the most simple but effective penis multi-tool in the industry. Our customer love it for its ease of use, comfort  and effectiveness. It is a great tool for manual penis stretching. The noose is the perfect complement to our signature ADS (all day penis stretcher). A simple but effective design can be used for short high tension pulls or long low tension wearing throughout your day. The other hanger option Is the leather lace up for the user that prefers for surface area grip on the penis. This can also be used for manual penis stretching and can replace the noose in the ADS system if you wish to do so.

To top off the stretching / extender category is the very popular anti-turtling silicone sleeves custom made by Zen Hanger. These are the ultimate anti-turtle tool and available three sizes so we cover all different size guys. The larger sleeves can also be used as pump resistance sleeves while penis pumping. Check out all of our selection in the stretching category and find the right tools to add to your routine and get the gains you have been looking for.